The Tenth Ward

The Tenth Ward

Meet Randolph Casey—university professor by day, demonologist, ghost hunter, and paranormal investigator by night. And he’s about to take on his most dangerous assignment.

Series: Randolph Casey Horror Thrillers, Book 1

Rand has seen better days—his ex is getting remarried, and a persistent “non-believing” university auditor is threatening his job. The last thing Rand needs is to take on a new ghost hunting case. But when a desperate couple approaches him about their terminally-ill daughter, Georgia, who claims a ghost is visiting her hospital room at night, he can’t seem to turn them away.

Rand figures that banishing Georgia’s ghostly intruder will be a routine matter. All he needs to do is guide the lingering ghost to the afterlife. But when the ghost returns with a vengeance, attacking Georgia and terrorizing other hospital wards, Rand realizes this is no benign spirit, but an evil demonic entity. He’s faced such monsters before, but never one so complex, so aggressive and violent. If he doesn’t unravel its ancient origins and discover how to banish it back to hell, a hospital full of people will fall victim to its destructive agenda.

The Tenth Ward is a supernatural horror thriller for readers who love stories about hauntings and battles with the demonic—the truest form of evil that exists in our world.

You are only one click away from joining Rand Casey in his terrifying battles against mankind’s oldest and most deadly enemy—the servants of the devil.

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Amazing book! Loved the characters, loved the story!! Hoping to see more of Rand!!!

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